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Re: Worst example of Voyager ruining an opportunity to return home

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This is what happens when you have a show that suffers from Gilligan's Syndrome. All those attempts HAD to fail, otherwise the show would be over. Problem was, they kept doing stories where failure was the only option instead of developing any secondary plots that they could accomplish within the show without ending the series.
I never understood why a portion of the series couldn't have been used to deal with Voyager's return and the subsequent fallout. Why not show the characters trying to adjust to life back in the Alpha Quadrant? So much potential wasted because the return was delayed until the end of the series.

Agreed. We didn't even get a few minutes at the end of an episode to deal with them adjusting to home - just Voyager arrives in Earth space, and roll credits.

A flawed as the last episode of the new BSG was, at least we got to see *some* kinda coda.

I guess they were worried that with the crew home, it would be anti-climactic - like the 5th season of Babylon-5...but that's just because B5 had already used up it's good scripts on season 4 (when they thought they were gonna get canned - though I thought that season 5 should have been the Telepath War!) They could have Voyager arriving at Earth, but then have some crisis that the Voyager crew has to re-unite to deal the Borg being hot on their tail, perhaps about to re-open the transwarp conduit, and for some reason only Voyager and crew can stop it (something to do with Voyager and the Delta Flyer having Borg upgrades) ...or maybe something else could have followed them home from the Delta Quadrant, and only the Voyager crew have the experience to deal with it...or maybe Voyager gets home, only to find something from the Delta Quadrant *beat them there* (like those parasites from "Conspiracy")...or maybe they come back with a season to go, and have to go *back* to the Delta Quadrant, like in the new novel series.

Really, Voyager should at least have been outlined from season to season in advance, like Babylon-5 was (until they were canceled and uncanceled around the 4th season) and Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda were *originally*, before the power-that-be decided to say "frak the plan" and threw the plans out...resulting in a directionless mess for both shows. (Heroes and nuBSG both could have benefited from a little pre-planning least a rough draft of an arc, and an *idea* of where/how it was all going to end.)
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