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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Yeah, Mattel has a philosophy of charging collectors whatever the hell they feel like. It's greed and hubris, plain and simple.
I don't collect Mattel and the last time I bought or had anything given to me from the company was a long, long time ago in a toy era far, far away, but the modern company seems like it makes Hasbro look like Sideshow Collectibles by comparison. For all the irritating little problems and issues that the Big H demonstrates on a fairly regular basis these days they don't seem as annoying, greedy and shoddy with the quality as Mattel does.
Agreed. Mattel often demonstrates incredibly greed, and an utter contempt for their customers. Their PR department will outright lie to us on a regular basis. The SDCC exclusive Shazam is a great example of this. We were told it was chosen as an exclusive, despite being perfect for retail release, because it was a figure that would be enjoyed by both sub an retail collectors and could help bridge the gap. That was clearly utter bullshit, since they just announced that the retail DC line is over. Shazam is the SDCC exclusive because it's a leftover from the retail line, and they just shoehorned it in here. I can't get past how they psyched everyone up by saying that DC collectors should be excited for some big announcements at SDCC. Excited? We should be excited to learn of the death of our beloved line? We should be excited to see it replaced by a new line with an inferior style, and reduced articulation? Go fuck yourself Mattel.

Despite all that, DC Universe Classics/Unlimited is still the greatest and most complete DC line ever made, or ever likely to be made in the foreseeable future. I'm still planning to subscribe to Club Infinite Earths next year, as that is now the only way that I'll be able to get more figures from this line.

Thank god for great companies like NECA, huh? Pacific Rim is now one of my absolute favorite movies, and this is going to be very hard to resist:
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