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Re: Worst example of Voyager ruining an opportunity to return home

The aliens wanted Ferengi gods, so the Prime Directive says leave them alone. The Ferengi want to be Ferengi Gods, so the Prime Directive says leave them alone.

Janeway did not leave them alone.

This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.

Janeway tried to bend, then snap the Prime Directive and paid the consequences.

The stupidest near miss was Futures End.

They already were there in near Earth orbit, all Janeway needed to to do was slingshot around the sun and she'd be back to the Future and macking with Mark.


Garret Wang!

New B-moive called Rock Jocks has a chunky Garret pony taild rocking it out.

So far, it's not awful, clearly a modern 80s movie, but Felicia Day dulls my attack posture, so I'm sweet.

OH! Picardo too!

Picardo just said #####fucker 30 times in 60 seconds.
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