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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I get what you mean. I think it would have worked better if she didn't actually have her memories. Maybe if they went with the experiment on her going wrong and make her go from kleptomaniac to completely crazy like she was in the episode.Somehow she managed to escape after the accident, and has been trying to get back the memories she actually lost in the experiment even in her crazy state. I think that would have been the better way to go. Making her a split personality just doesn't fit well to me. She has her memories, and apparently she has them most of the time. Unless her normal form lost the memories too, but I think they were saying she has all her memories in her normal life but not as Magpie. If I'm wrong it makes a bit more sense, but I still am not a huge fan of the split personality thing. It would have been more tragic if she wasn't just a crazy split personality (for apparently no reason, since Lunkhead wasn't given a second personality by the machine). I get that tragic crazy people is already a Batman thing, but her type of crazy could make it different without needing a slightly confusing split personality. Looking back (all of 5 hours later ), I can't say I hate this new Magpie. I do wish her design was a bit more distinct and not so S&M like, but the gimmick itself could be interesting. This episode didn't blow me away when it comes to Magpie, but if she's used later, she has potential.

I do wonder where she got powers from. The machine almost certainly didn't give them to her (unless her reaction was very different than Lunkhead's), but she did survive a huge fall and apparently grows claws out of her hand. The huge fall isn't just about withstanding pain, she should have broken her back, or atleast enough things to either outright kill her or atleast paralyze her. The claws could have been mechanical (although she didn't appear to be a tech villain) and the poison something she found, but I'd like an explination for the fall. The next villain is Anarky (I think), and I wonder what they'll do with him. I'm not too familiar with him (although I do remember him having an appearance in the red Robin ongoing Pre-reboot) although I will say that I think his comic costume is much cooler than his "moon knight" costume in BtB.
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