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Re: ship design help.


I realize we can come across as a bit bitchy perhaps. Thing is, every now and then someone comes along and wants help in designing what is basicly an ubership, one ship to rule them all, Megaship if you will. Something like that just doesn't make sense, since you don't want something that's perfect and will always triumph and safe the day. It's boring, it's unrealistic. It's like that character in so many fanfics, that ALWAYS has the right answer, ALWAYS wins when fighting the bad guy, ALWAYS saves the day by coming up with the solution to that difficult problem no one else in the crew could answer.
I mean, even Data, who's smarter, stronger, faster then any human, has been beaten by them, because he has weaknesses. For God's sake, he has an off-switch. Things aren't perfect in real life, and good writing/designing follows real life.
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