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Re: Godzilla 2014: Rumors, Pix and filming

It's kinda neat, but I wonder how long someone looked at it before going: "wait a minute..."

Also, the thing about Godzilla's "massive size" seems to be mostly about his height compared to the other Kaiju, and the airport surroundings they're in. The other Kaiju apparently isn't very big, so Godzilla probably just seems so much larger than he actually is.

Here was what someone who saw the footage had to say about the monster sizes:

Ok I would guess that the insect-like creature was closer to 150 feet tall and Godzilla towered over him, I would imagine Godzilla to be somewhere between 300 and 325 feet tall. In the shot where you see the insect creature attacking the airport, and Godzilla rising up behind it, there was really no true sense of scale other than earlier shots showing the insect creature crashing through freeway overpasses.

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