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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Right...Superman didn't single-handedly destroy the world engine over the Indian Ocean...
He did, but he was following Jor-El's instructions while the rest of the team was in Metropolis attacking Zod's command ship. They were the ones who actually defeated everyone but Zod.

he didn't stop Zod...
He did, but only after the primary threat had been defeated by the heroism of Hardy and Hamilton. And he let Zod define the terms of how the fight would end, rather than thinking for himself and finding a better way.

he didn't provide the ship that the military used to take care of Zod's ship...
Technically Jor-El provided the ship. Superman just delivered it, following Jor-El's instructions as relayed to him and the military by Lois. If a scientist develops a cure for a dread disease and delivers it to the hospital by courier, that doesn't mean the courier deserves credit for curing the disease.

nor did he provide the key with the AI of Jor-El, who's been dead for 33 years.
Again, just making a delivery as per Jor-El's instructions.

And yeah, Jor-El was technically dead, which just makes it all the more ridiculous that he was more proactive in shaping the events of the story than Superman was.
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