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Re: ship design help.

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... the only reason why i have the ship like that because its made for delegates and so on, they was the best of the best, it won't do to bad in a fight when it has to as well.
When the American Secretary of State visits foreign countries, he doesn't do so in a fighter plane, his aircraft might have defenses (anti-missile and ECM) but no weapons. If this ship is going to be carrying delegates you might want to deliberately create a starship that is completely unarmed.

At most a minimal small arms armory for the security detail.

And as previous stated, being a Vulcan designed craft (for their diplomats?) you may want to come up with a Vulcan sounding name, the ship should definately be built in Vulcan orbit. I can see some Federation Members not being able to build a ship of this size, but Vulcan is depicted as a major player in the Federation and should be able to handle the job.

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