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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

Christopher wrote: View Post
^"Help?" Jor-El, Lois, Col. Hardy, and Professor Hamilton were the true heroes of MoS. Superman was their sidekick and errand boy. He went through the whole movie doing what other people instructed him to do -- Jonathan, Jor-El, some random priest, even Zod. He didn't exactly demonstrate a lot of skill at independent decision-making. If he can't outgrow that, then he's definitely going to need Batman to do his thinking for him.
Right...Superman didn't single-handedly destroy the world engine over the Indian Ocean...he didn't stop Zod...he didn't provide the ship that the military used to take care of Zod's ship...nor did he provide the key with the AI of Jor-El, who's been dead for 33 years.

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
but at the same time the Nolanverse really doesn't have room for a magic flying alien.
Why not? The whole premise of MOS was that this was a gritty, realistic world before Superman showed up. There was no room for Superman in the Batman stories that Nolan told, but now that they've been told, the alien has arrived and the world has changed.

You could just as easily say that there was no room for Thor and an alien invasion in Iron Man's universe...but it happened.
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