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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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Excellent show, without the dreaded "reset" button in the end.
Without the reset button? How do you figure? No one died, those who did were replaced from the double ship. The bad guys died, and all the damage to the ship was repaired by next episode. That's text book reset button to me.
I have to agree... total reset. But it was an amazing episode anyway.
To-may-to... to-mah-toe

To me it's not a reset because Samantha knows HER baby died. Yes, the child in her arms is a miracle, a gift but she's "not" Sam's own. From this day forward, Samantha is a stepmom, the surviving twin who's left to raise the daughter of her heart, not the daughter SHE birthed.

Just like B'elanna knows that while this Harry looks like her buddy and has most of his memories, THIS Harry doesn't remember running down that corridor with her to seal the breach, he doesn't remember hanging from the ladder as a desperate B'Elanna stretched out her hand to save him. He doesn't remember B'Elanna's face when she failed him and Harry was sucked out into space.

This Harry, however, DOES remember successfully using the proton pulses to begin to heal their ship until HIS captain told them to stop. He DOES remember his ship being attacked and his friends dying. He does remember his Janeway ordering him to save himself and Ensign Wildman's baby. And despite doing as he was ordered, despite crossing from his dying ship onto this badly damaged Voyager, despite greeting his best friends in the process... he KNOWS this isn't right. THIS isn't his ship, isn't his Captain, isn't his B'Elanna.

And yet... it is, and they are.

Weird... eh?

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