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Re: shared universe, crossovers and easter eggs

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The problem with science fiction is that each series tends to paint the history, technology, geography, and physics of the universe in a different way, so it's rare to find two SF franchises that can cross over. The only non-Trek works that I consider to be part of the Trek universe are other Roddenberry pilots -- The Questor Tapes (which a few Trek novels have very subtly hinted might be part of the universe) and Genesis II/Planet Earth (which I consider to be the alternate timeline that would've resulted if Gary Seven hadn't intervened in Earth history, as discussed here).
A good approach. But then what happened to Hunt in the regular timeline? Was he reanimated earlier (after all Star Trek's cryogenics works) or did they forgot about him and he is still there.
In the Trek timeline, Gary Seven prevented the orbital-nukes buildup, so nuclear tensions wouldn't have been as extreme in the late '70s when Genesis II begins. Thus, the subshuttle network and underground bunkers wouldn't have been built, and Dylan Hunt's cryogenic experiments would probably have happened elsewhere, so there would've been no cave-in and the experiment would've been completed successfully -- most likely leading to the invention of sleeper-ship technology by the 1990s.

By itself Alphas could happen in a timeline with later Eugenic Wars, placed in the 2010s.
Except the Alphas weren't the result of genetic engineering, but naturally occurring variations that had been cropping up for centuries without being acknowledged. Since there aren't a bunch of Alphas running around in the Trek future, they don't go together.

Besides, it's probably hard to find a modern SFTV series that doesn't have characters making references to Star Trek as a fictional series at some point. I don't recall if there were any in Alphas, but I'd be surprised if there weren't.

But as Alphas supposedly share the universe with Eureka and Warehouse 13, it ought to be out by default.
I never bought that, since those two shows are in much more fanciful universes than Alphas. And Lindsay Wagner's Alphas appearance as Dr. Calder took care to avoid any overt references to Eureka, Warehouse 13, or any concepts and characters from those shows. So I prefer to treat her as a separate, coincidentally identical Dr. Vanessa Calder in a separate fictional reality.

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The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman are interesting candidates, since they show a rather more advanced space program in the '70s than we had in real life, which is consistent with TOS's portrayal of human spaceflight. But then, what happens to that nifty bionics technology? Is it lost in the Eugenics Wars or WWIII? And in that case, can you count the '90s reunion movies?
Given the cost do you wonder? Even in "Bionic-land" in the 90s there was only a handful of Bionic people, so ...
New technologies are always expensive to start with, but the cost tends to go down (at least in proportion to inflation) as the technology matures.
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