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Re: Satellites in Space

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Yes, they started developing co-orbital interception vehicles (e.g. armed satellites, missile- and laser-based anti-satellite weapons and even an antiaircraft gun on one of their space stations) after it began to emerge that filling the sky with a bunch of orbiting bombs was a stupid way to cope with American spy satellites. They still TRIED it, though, and the exact nature of their experiments with those technologies is still not entirely clear since the only reason we know as much as we do about it NOW is because of ex-soviet Scientists willing to go public about it.

What scared folks here more than anything else for awhile (other than road mobile ICBMs like Gnom were their FOBS

I can't imagine what having that new R-7 pad now in Kourous to replace the defunct Ariane 4 would have been like had it been built in the Cold War. We'd have DEW lines in the south.
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