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Re: How excited are you about the new Ninja Turtles movie?

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How about "No thanks, try throwing oodles of money at a nonwhite dude for a change"?
Bay had clearly decided to cast a white actor in the role. I don't know why, and I've already said I wouldn't have done so, but he did: it's right there in the script. Surely you don't think Fichtner refusing the role would have changed Bay's mind, and made him order a rewrite? We'd probably have gotten Marky Mark instead.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Besides, it's not as if it's always racist or unenlightened to have villains played by nonwhite actors.
Dude. I'm not Bay; I never said it was. I took an explicit guess at Bay's thought process, which I've already disavowed upthread. I'm not your enemy.

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Uhh, since when was the Shredder a US military officer? He's the leader of a gang of criminal ninjas from Japan.
It is a mistake to assume that the point of an adaptation is to copy the original. That would be a waste of time and effort. The point of an adaptation is to adapt -- to take an idea that exists in one form and transform it into something new and different.
- Christopher, 2011

Well, the good thing about an adaptation is that they have a chance to change and improve aspects of the original work.
- Christopher, 2013

I'm just saying that I don't have a rigid set of assumptions about how to portray a character in an adaptation, and I'm open to multiple possibilities. Exploring variations on a theme is interesting to me creatively, and part of the value of adaptations is that you do get to change things and try out new possibilities. You're just so obsessed with this ugly "PC" nonsense...
- Christopher, 2012
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