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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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TrekCore posted several more shots from Season 4, and they look INCREDIBLE.

The shot I asked about - Enterprise at McKinley Station - actually looks pretty good. Just *slightly* overlit, but since it's in the sunlight, I can forgive that.

Modern Video made the Enterprise look much better in this shot:

One of my main issues with the late seasons was them dropping the stock ILM shots for the lower quality shots of the 4-footer. With CBS-D making it look feature quality with their new compositing, it's gonna feel much better.
MV's attempt at matching CBS-D's visual style worked out really well, would quite like to see their finished phaser and transporter effects too. Also judging from the Starbase shot MV were supplied with the completed stock shots so hopefully there isn't any crap similar to this or this in Season 4.
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