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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

This was an ok episode, but it had its share of problems. They actually made a villain lamer than Pyg. That is almost impressive. Why even use the name Magpie if there is literally nothing of the character in their? That is officially the laziest redesign I've ever seen. Magpie looks like they just put feathers on a generic s&m style villainess. I seriously thought she was an S&M Killer Frost when she was first shown, even though I knew Magpie was this episode's villain. Now, the original design wasn't a masterpiece by any mrans, but its distinctive. This is really forgettable, while similtaneously being weirdly sexual for a kids show. Its also annoying that she's basically an all new villain with an old villain's name and the brain of a squirrel. Seriously, anyone obsessed with "shiny" things as much as she was is either a squirrel or Gollum. Why even bother with calling her Magpie? Why not call her "Bondage Queen" or something? It fits better than Magpie and you probably wouldn't even have to change her gimmicks/powers.

As for the episode in general, it was ok. Alfred wasn't as annoying as last episode (removing the leg was a good start, now he just needs to lose about 85 lbs of muscle) although Gordon was basically a cliche. I've thought the "cop who mistrusts the vigilante and keeps trying to bring him in" thing has been played out for a long time, and this is doing nothing new. But, atleast Gordon has a good voice actor, so thats something. Not that the voice acting has been bad so far, its been ok. Its funny though that Gordon gets the only memorable/famous voice actor of the whole main cast (the main cast, not counting the guest voice actors). If he gets around to calling batman a dumbass, the character would win me over even if he's just the generic cop rival to the vigilante. I'm not excited to see Barbara Gordon because, well, this is Beware the Batman, the show that won't let any character (except Batman, and even then only sometimes) resemble the real character. I'm sure Bartbara will be a supervillain sooner than later, maybe she'll become a female Two Face and kill her Dad or something.

I thought detective Bruce was interesting and actually batman like (he didn't even need his fancy super computer to do detective work) although the whole thing with him taking time away from important buisness to fight graffiti artists thing makes him seem like he'll eventually snap and start breaking the bones of jaywalkers or people who litter Katana didn't really do anything this episode, so I have no real thoughts on her, although I would note that Katna without her specific backstory (becoming a sword fighter after her husband and children are killed) isn't really Katana. But, since we've already have Action Hero Alfred and S&M Magpie on the show, I suppose I should consider myself lucky that Katana is still a female human and not some super evolved Swordfish or something.

Looking at the villain roster in that link that was posted, Anarky looks ok (if something of a Moon Knight knock off). Silver Monkey is stupid (generic animal mask stuff you see everywhere in comics) and I really hope the woman isn't Talia. I'm actually fine with Humpty Dumpty, I've always kind of thought Batman's fairly tale/book themed villains (Dumpty, Twiddle dee and Tweedle Dum, Mad hatter) were interesting enough to get some screen time.

Two episodes in, and the show hasn't done anything impressive, but it also hasn't done anything super horrible I guess. Its not as bad as the early seasons of The Batman, but its much weaker than the good seasons or any other Batman show since before B:TAS came around. I'm still going to watch it and hope it gets better, but honestly this episode was a bit of a downgrade from episode one. I hope that trend doesn't continue.

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Okay, I am really a fan of this show now. "Secrets" was very impressive. It felt very much like B:TAS in the darkness of the premise and the psychological nuance and sympathetic qualities of the villain, but also added some good character development and exploration for the leads in the more incremental style of modern serialized storytelling.
This I do have to comment on. I don't think that paragraph is accurate. This episode was nothing like B:TAS. It wasn't written nearly as well, that Magpie design would almost certainly never have been accepted on B:TAS, and the whole story was way more generic than most episodes of B:TAS. Also, this episode wasn't "dark". Magpie's falling onto a car was more cartoony to me than anything, and "Linkhead" looks like Bugs Bunny just hit him with a mallet and raised a cartoon bump on his forehead.

I really don't think the guy was given brain damage by Batman (I think the dialog was just saying that Batman gave him the weird bump on his head, and the thug was already an idiot). I don't think even this show is stupid enough to make Batman into a guy who cripples people's minds. Legs, arms, and faces, I can accept. But he's not going out there turning people into mentally handicapped goons. If he is, the show's more poorly written than I'm giving it credit for.
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