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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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I know nothing of the 'blackface' stunt other than stuff i have read here in this forum.
I don't recall where I first heard of the incident where a white stuntman was put into "blackface" makeup to double for Terrell, but my friends and I certainly shocked Paul Winfield (in Australia, long before the theatrical release of ST II) by knowing about it. He was stunned that the rumour had made it all the way Down Under, and he confirmed that it was true.

Supposedly, the idea of Terrell tumbling was unscripted/impromptu, which I guess is why no African American stunt man was put onto the day's callsheet. It could be that no footage was actually shot. The incident threatened to cause a kerfuffle at the then-Stunt Actors Union.
Well fortunately they shot the scripted version so it can be seen if we ever get a deleted section. Good decision on their part to shoot the version in the script BEFORE ad-libbing other stuff.
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