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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Superman doesn't need Batman's help with anything and Superman doesn't exist in his Universe; if he did there would be no need for a Batman.
I don't agree. Even Superman can't stop every crime, and with his power, he'd tend to focus more on the big, cataclysmic stuff. It makes sense to have another hero or heroes focusing on street crime. Also, someone who operates with a lower profile than Superman can probably achieve things he can't.

Besides, it's not as if Bruce Wayne saw a vacancy and filled out a job application. He fights crime because he has a deep personal need to. So he's going to do it even if there is a Superman. He'd see his role as taking care of the crimes that are below Superman's radar.

If they make them enemy's then that is just stupid!
There I tend to agree. I think ComicsAlliance columnist Chris Sims argued very well that it makes sense for them to be allies rather than enemies:
It all goes back to Batman being a detective. He’s trained to observe people, to watch them, to know when they’re lying and what their true motivations are. Five minutes talking to Superman, and he’s going to understand that he’s not a guy who plans to gain the public’s trust and use that to declare himself King of the World. Batman’s going to understand that this is a guy who simply cannot stand by and let people suffer while he can do something to stop it. That’s something he can respect, because he’s the exact same way.

And yes, Clark Kent might hear about a six foot bat terrorizing the night in Gotham City and think this is something worth putting a stop to, but the first time Superman sees the lengths Batman’s willing to go to in order to protect the innocent and stop Crime from hurting other people, his doubts are gone. He’ll see the good in Batman, just like he sees the good in everyone else, no matter what kind of scary front they put up.

They are fundamentally two characters who are devoted to helping others, and I think that gives them a lot of common ground to bond over, even if they see the world through a different perspective.

Besides, even if you see Batman as the ruthless avenger who is vengeance, the night, etc., the Frank Miller character of Year One, consider this: Is there any conceivable reason that a tactician who went so far as to weaponize a swarm of bats would not want to have the most powerful person in the world in his back pocket? Seriously, can you even imagine the psychological edge that would give him over criminals?
Anyway, I'd be a lot happier with this news if it weren't from Snyder and Goyer. Cavill as Superman, I love. But MoS got Superman horribly wrong in many ways, and the gratuitous and shallow excess of its final act turned me off of ever wanting to see a Snyder movie again. I'll be rather wary of this one as a result, which is a terrible shame, because I love the idea of a World's Finest movie.
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