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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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At 2:21 seconds, you may want to take your own advice.
Captain's log, Stardate 42923.4. Despite misgivings, I have agreed to Starfleet's request that the Enterprise divert to the Braslota System, to take part in a war game exercise.

When your superiors within an organization make a "request," it is in fact an order.

Kolrami: "Captain Picard, it is my understanding that you initially resisted Starfleet's request for this simulation."
Picard: "Yes."
Kolrami: "May I know why?"
Picard: "Starfleet is not a military organisation."

Picad equates engaging in a war game exercise with Starfleet being a military organization. But Starfleet Command ordered him to engage in the war game.

Kolrami: "Captain. I bring greetings from those at Starfleet Command."

Captain Picard may not believe that Starfleet is a military organization, but apparently the people he works for do.

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