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Re: ship design help.

Some tips:
1. Don't use words like "best" and "greatest". They make the ship sound fanboi-ish and are not good story telling.
2. Five warp nacelles??? no. just no. How often in the shows/movies have we seen more than two? how often in the novels have we seen more than 3?
3. This is for some stories you're writing, right? Then the ship only needs to be capable of what you need to happen in the stories. And just barely that. Look at it this way, what's the better story, an old ship encounters something it can barely handle only through the ingenuity of the crew, or a Huge, overpowered ship encounters something and deals with it in seconds? There's a reason the Enterprise -D was breaking down so much -to add tension.

Here's an idea. Post a thread in the fan fiction forum (listed just above fan art on the main page here) asking for help with your ship. The guys in there are great at helping people develop background material for stories.
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