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Re: A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

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I could imagine that Germans have already grown tired of all those Nazi comparisons. Just like French grow tired of those stupid surrender jokes. It's been sixty years, almost 4 generations. Seriously, there is no responsibility left for what their ancestors did. I've been to Germany a couple of times, they are fine people.
The thing that makes the Nazis convenient villains is the label of Nazis not German.

Although of course Nazis are often shown to be German in media we can still separate them from the culture of Germany, since Nazis have their own specific culture if that makes sense.

But yes Germany of today should never be associated with Nazis. I have never been there but have met many nice people from there.

And besides Germany has admirably admitted their guilt during WWII, more so than many other countries for that matter.

MarioMonti wrote:
As to "Hoganīs Heroes": I truly and thoroughly enjoy it, itīs great comedy with fun characters. And like I said before, Iīm not at all offended by that kind of humor or jokes, just like Iīm not offended by Spockīs remark in POF - I just never understood it as being a joke.

When you say you enjoy Hogan's Heroes do you mean the German version or the US version? I understand in the German version much of the dialog was changed to remove things associated with Nazis. A lot of the jokes are different too.
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