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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

49. Apocalypse Now (B)

Francis Ford Coppola goes deep into the jungle, sacrificing several years of his time, and a good portion of his sanity in the process (indeed, if you look at Coppola's subsequent output, it's easy to speculate that Coppola ultimately burned himself out on this movie in a very lasting way).

Most of this film is of pretty high quality. The helicopter attack sequence is deservedly iconic. The movie's cinematography is superb. But then we actually get to Colonel Kurtz's compound, and this sequence pretty much derails the movie. As Hearts of Darkness makes painfully clear, Coppola started making this movie with no plan on how to end it, and it shows -- indeed, once you know that Kurtz's characterization is basically just a lazy Marlon Brando ab libbing for the camera in the hopes Coppola can cobble something together, things make much more sense. Kurtz doesn't remotely fit the buildup he's been given, and the ending is enormously anti-climactic.

50. Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (A-)

I would have to agree with Abed: the documentary is much better than Apocalypse Now.

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