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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

Well, I liked that episode. Again, I've never heard of Magpie, and I thought that she was an interesting new opponent. I have no idea if this depiction is anything like the comics' Magpie, and don't really care, either. I liked her. Of course, I have to say I saw the twist coming. It's always the character you don't think to be the one that is the one.

I see there will be some growth of the relationship between Gordon and Batman. I like there being room for changes.

And, what do you know - Alfred was not in action this time. Yet he still contributed to the mission.

Did we see the public Bruce Wayne yet? Was he being the public facade for Katana? If so, he's not playing the billionaire playboy of average intelligence in public. He would seem to be acting as a competent businessman in public, what with his quick reading of her, if he was playing that role for Katana. Yet I didn't notice her actually dropping her voice or raising her eyes when she called Alfred "Major".

I liked Katana's line "I need to punch something".
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