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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Not that the episode would have actually told us what class the Yorktown represented, mind you. Even if the name "starship" is only applicable to the cream of the cream, and only one ship class at a time is built to those specs, it would stand to reason that there would always be at least three starship classes in simultaneous operation: the "current" design, the "past" design and the "future" design.

We saw seven starships (almost) identical in shape to Kirk's: the Constellation, the Defiant, the Exeter, the Excalibur, the Lexington, the Hood and the Potemkin. There was also a ship shaped like Kirk's but with the name illegible in the TOS_R version of "Court Martial", intended to be the Intrepid but portrayed in a manner contrary to the dialogue of the episode. Any of these could have been scheduled for a refit, and we only know the first two missed it for certain... (Although apparently, one was left unrefitted for Starfleet Museum, as per "Relics".)

Timo Saloniemi
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