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Re: Characters Spirit - Reboot compared to TOS (Possible spoilers)

STID definitely did a better job with the main cast than XI did. There were a few scenes where Kirk and Spock actually reminded me of Shatner and Nimoy. Scotty was more than just a buffoon, and Sulu got a chance to be a bit of a badass. Both Abrams movies do a better job with Uhura than TOS ever did.

McCoy and Chekov still seem underused. It seems they really couldn't think of anything to do with Chekov and so they put him in the unlikely situation of being promoted to chief engineer. And it really is a shame they don't do more with McCoy, Karl Urban does an awesome job with the character for what little he does get.

They probably should cut back on Kirk's bad boy shtick. They're depicting the caricature of Kirk as a rebel who won't follow the rules and thinks with his dick while ignoring the fact that this guy is a professional starship captain and natural leader with a passion for space exploration. Instead we get the bad boy sticking it to The Man while trying to get every passing female into his bed.
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