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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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My point is that there are many ways of being larger than life, and defaulting to action man is the lazy way out.
And you're still fundamentally wrong about this. He's not an action man. He's a former action man. Your mistake is in assuming that the way he was in the pilot represents the way he'll be in every episode, and that's quite illogical. Many, many pilots show characters starting out one way and then changing by the end, learning or being forced to accept a new status quo, and it's what you see at the very end that represents what they'll be in the series going forward. For instance, in most of DS9's pilot, Ben Sisko didn't want to be on the station at all, but by the end, he'd changed his mind. In most of Voyager's pilot, Chakotay was the captain of another ship and a rival to Janeway; but by the end, he'd become her first officer. In many pilots, such as Eureka and Defiance, the main character is just passing through town, but by the end of the pilot he's become the local lawman.

And by the same token, in this pilot, Alfred started out as a physically capable man of action, but by the end, he'd been sidelined and had to adopt a less physical role, handing that responsibility off to Katana. Evidently that is what will be the status quo of the series; the producers' own comments have told us that much.

The second episode is on in just over an hour. Then we'll have some actual information about where the character goes from here.
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