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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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^But the idea was that the ship itself had the intelligence to do that, that it was closer to a living organism than a mindless machine, even if it wasn't fully self-aware.
A little like the Liberator in Blake's 7 (among many other possible influences, aside from independent inspiration, but that was the current-ish one, as the series was just getting its first US runs around that time).

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The idea that was talked about in the early TNG development material was "Technology Unchained," the idea that technology had become so advanced as to be all but invisible and effortless to use. Which is why the TNG bridge originally looked more like a conference lounge than a computer center.

The problem was that technology so advanced that it never goes wrong didn't make for good action-adventure storytelling. They needed things to break down, and so they needed someone to fix them.
Which B7 got round through the ship and its auto-repair systems being alien, with their own priorities, so they wouldn't necessarily put the crew's interests first (and sometimes even got actively hostile to crew interference). But for a Starfleet vessel that's not a plot option (but ooh, you could do some nice stories about the first post-Hurgh Klingons perhaps, flying captured Hurgh vessels that are actively hostile to them...)
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