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Re: I am shocked, absolutely shocked

^And many others. I do my best using relative scales to illustrate the mind-bending scales of creation. A small outdoor table of mine is a good starting point for mapping out the solar system. When I place the closest star to our home star on the other side of the city, there's always a "wow!".

I know in my own experience I'm in the minority so far as conceiving of the larger structure we find ourselves in. I will always remember when, as a child, I first picked up a 'LIFE' book simply titled 'The Universe'. I opened it up to a poster of the solar system and - to my astonishment - discovered the big bright thing in the sky was way, WAY bigger than the big thing I was walking around on. That discovery started a chain of inquiry that has been continually evolving.

I suspect a lot of us here share that spark of curiosity. However, a good number of people I interact with on a daily basis have hardly given it a second thought. Odd. We've all found ourselves in this thing we call The Universe. Yet, there have been times I've been ridiculed for not having more grounded interests.
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