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Re: A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

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Patterns of Force& however is a completely different story: It had indeed been banned for decades
Patterns of Force was never banned here in Germany. Back in the 70's when the ZDF bought the rights to Star Trek they didn't choose the episode and thus it was never overdubbed. Later when Sat.1 did a re-run in the early 90's they too didn't bother with the episode because then it was rated "16 years and above" (while every other episode was "12 and above") and with that rating they could've only shown it after 10 PM, thus they decided against using the episode. But it was then (around 1994 i think) released on VHS and sold in stores. I even remember ads in magazines for it. I understand that some people have some problems with that episode, especially today when everybody is so political correct but i think some germans react a bit extreme to a line that was clearly meant as a joke. Even the german Star Trek Index in their review about the episode complained about it for no apparent reason other than "oh my god they make fun about Nazis!" Especially since it's not that much different to...say Indiana Jones and all the Nazis and the jokes about them.
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