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Re: Kira in charge of the Defiant

R. Star wrote: View Post
Yeah... just because the US deployed a carrier group in Australia during WW2 doesn't mean one of their officers gets to stroll onto the deck of the Enterprise and command it.
Not remotely the same situation, though. With DS9, you had a facility operated jointly by Starfleet and Bajoran forces.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
As XO, Kira could command DS9 and deal with Starfleet in Sisko's absence, so why not Defiant?
Commanding a starship is a position you train for, but Kira never did.
Given how easily Kira commanded the Defiant, I'd say that Kira did receive command training sometime earlier.
Kira is a ground soldier assigned to a administration job.
And Sisko was an engineer assigned to an administration job; it appeared that both had command training somewhere between those jobs (Sisko on different ships, Kira in the Bajoran Militia)

Roboturner913 wrote: View Post
There is a scene somewhere mid-series where Sisko tells her he could easily get her a Starfleet commission if she wanted one; indicating that she is very trusted even by the admiralty.

Besides, Kira piloted runabouts on numerous occasions before the Defiant came along. You'd assume there was some kind of training/certification program through Starfleet at some point.

It's more believable than a 15-year-old kid flying the Federation flagship, or a noncom being chief engineer of maybe the most important station in the Federation.
Exactly. But I think in the case of that noncom, DS9 wasn't originally considered that important an assignment and the operations chief billet didn't warrant anyone higher (during the Dominion War, O'Brien may even have been offered an officer's commission off-screen but turned it down).
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