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Re: ship design help.

The revised edition

post VOY

U.S.S Camelot - Cardinal class

Commissioned in 2782

Designed by the vulcans to home a crew complement of 600 + Delegates, the ship was built in the san Francisco ship yards.

The U.S.S Camelot is equip with -
  • state of the art medical facilities
  • a diverse selection of armoury equipment
  • some of the finest technicians this side of Jupiter
  • an array of ship weaponry that contains some powerful torpedos
  • the first and only warp 20 engine
  • the galaxies finest dining experience
  • a sophisticated housing system and cultural background
  • a massive shuttle bay
  • the first interspecies court room
with its vulcan/federation design the U.S.S Camelot is a top vessel.
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