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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

^^ I've never denied anything. You're just avoiding the point.

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Sorry RJD...but I honestly don't see it as pandering...and if it is...who are they pandering TO in this case? What target audience? Alfred still is the butler, and he has always been more than that at various times during his has been revealed in the thread and explained. Alfred isn't just the butler...he has always had a more complex history. Any Batman fan knows that.
They're pandering to an audience that cannot (or who they perceive cannot) tolerate a character who "also serves by only standing and waiting." Even the ever-more-military Alfred in the comics follows that pattern: "See, he's not a mere butler, he's a real he-man and he's got... a past!" Boring. It would be much more interesting to have a character that contrasts with the heroic lead-- a gentleman's gentleman who grew into the role of a Batman's gentleman.
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