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Re: A question regarding "Patterns of Force"

Once again, thank you all for your input, itīs truly interesting to hear all these opinions

Since the matter came up, let me say a few words about the German dubbing of TOS:

Itīs true, that for German TV the episodes were shortened by 5-10 minutes to fit the German broadcasting slots. But only "Amok Time" was actually altered plot-wise - it was in fact "twisted" and actually re-cut(!), so that Spock appered to have some sort of a fever and his fight with Kirk was only a "fever dream". The German title for the episode was "Weltraum-Fieber" ("Space Fever").
Itīs also true, that the German dub was filled with jokes, funny remarks and silly lines, which took the seriousness out of most episodes. But, to tell you the truth, I always enjoyed this "lightened" German take on TOS (well, I grew up with it) and still do. Itīs like having the best of both worlds, where I can choose between the serious and correct original version or the German one that lets me experience TOS in a completely different way.

Anyway, when TOS-R came along, they re-included the scenes that were taken out decades earlier, so that for the first time the episodes could be shown uncut on German TV. However, since many of the "lost" scenes had not been dubbed originally, they had to be dubbed now, using different voices/actors for these scenes. And this "new" dub doesnīt have any of the added humor of the old dub, which is probably what people talk about as a "new German version". It was in fact just these "extra" scenes that had different voices and a different, more serious mood.

"Patterns of Force" however is a completely different story: It had indeed been banned for decades and thus wasnīt dubbed originally. When it was finally allowed to be shown (sometime in the 90s, IIRC) they used the old voice actors for the dub, who had of course gotten older and their voices "showed" that. Additionally, the dialogue was not humorous at all, but a more or less direct translation of the English version.
Maybe thatīs another reason, why I canīt see POF as comedic, because the "serious" German dub, combined with the "older" voices gave it a completely different feel, than the old, comedic dubs I was used to. And maybe that even carried over to the English version for me - Iīm still having a hard time seeing it as humorous.

As to "Hoganīs Heroes": I truly and thoroughly enjoy it, itīs great comedy with fun characters. And like I said before, Iīm not at all offended by that kind of humor or jokes, just like Iīm not offended by Spockīs remark in POF - I just never understood it as being a joke.

"Do you give me attitude, Spock?" - "Iīm expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously, Sir. To which are you referring?"
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