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Re: 40 and Over Club Meeting

we also developed common sense, something I sorely miss in kids nowadays (and in quite a lot of their parents, too).

What both shocks and infuriates me is that racism is suddenly becoming modern again. I had thought mankind to finally be beyond this state of idiocy, but apparently I was wrong

A decade ago, a dark-skinned friend who is single parent of a son, told me that his son had asked him "dad, why do you get treated differently by the traffic cops than the white drivers?"
How do you as a parent explain to a 10 year old what racism is and that he will be a victim of it one day, too? When my friend told me about it I could have killed those cops!
Sadly, in my own country there are strong racist and xenophobic tendencies developing again. A handfull of people try to fight against that but the xenophobe scum appear to be breeding like rabbits.
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