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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Hello Everybody!

I thought I might catch your attention by posting a new advertisment for a new Forum Based Roleplaying Game!

First off, my name is Captain Nathanial Graydon. I'm currently the Commanding Officer and Gamemaster for the U.S.S. Valiant-A, which is a member of Andromeda Fleet.

We have just recently re-opened this simulation and are accepting applications for many positions. Please scroll down to find out which positions are currently available.

So, you're probably wondering what this simulation is all about, right? Well here is just a little bit of an introduction to what's in store for the crew of the Valiant.

In the year 2385 a terrifying threat came knocking on the door of the Alpha Quadrant, and all those who could bare arm's answered. But with all the fire power in the galaxy, none could over come the death and destruction that would follow for the next two years. No one had anticipated such a fleet, no one had understood the sheer magnitude of what was to come. No one had known that the Borg would make one final sweep...and actually win. What was once the mighty Federation, has fallen...laying in ruins. The numerous allies that once held the Federation strong and bonded, have been scattered throughout the quadrant. Planet's such as Vulcan, Betazed, and Romulous have succumbed to the assimilation of the Borg, and all that was once peaceful and serene is no more. I have your interest perked? If so, check out all our available positions (below) as well as our website: Click Me!

If you have any questions, then please, feel free to ask them here or contact me via email or instant messenger:

IM:[*]AIM: swedenboi6 [*]YIM: swedenboi2001[*]MSN:

Thank you, and I hope to be hearing from you soon!

Kindest Regards,
Captain Nathanial Graydon

Command Personnel[*]Strategic Operations Officer/Mission Advisor[*]Captain's Yeoman

Flight Control Personnel[*]Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer [*]Flight Control Officer

Operations Personnel[*]Chief Operations Officer[*]Assistant Chief Operations Officer[*]Operations Officer

Engineering Personnel[*]Chief Engineering Officer[*]Assistant Chief Engineering Officer[*]Engineering Officer

Security and Tactical Personnel[*]Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer[*]Security and Tactical Officer

Science Personnel[*]Chief Science Officer[*]Assistant Chief Science Officer[*]Science Officer

Medical Personnel[*]Assistant Chief Medical Officer[*]Medical Officer[*]Ships Counselor
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