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My son bought a new TV

That was delivered yesterday.

When he signed for it he didn't realise there was a small hole in the box

Photo of box

there is no noticeable damage to the TV. The screen looked undamaged. However when we turned it on this is what we saw

I phoned up the company is was bought from and they said that it was sent directly from the distributor and that she would notify them and e-mail me back. That was late yesterday (Friday) so I probably won't hear from her until next week.

I want to be able to argue a case so that I can get a refund or a replacement.

I think that this is down to bad packaging. There was styrofoam on each corner of the TV but only a very thin piece of plastic over the screen. It is possible that the box was punctured by a corner of another box and it wasn't hard enough to fracture the outside screen but damaged the internal screen. Does anyone know if this is possible.

Also, if the company isn't helpful, can I take an "Item not as describe" action seeing it was paid for by Paypal?

Can we be held responsible because we opened the box?
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