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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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I haven't seen the Director's Cut, I own the blu-ray.

So, was the blackface fall in there? Were there any visual effects?
No, the scene outside the cargo carrier was filmed exactly as scripted........

Chekov's peeks into the little window to the left of the air-lock/door--the child's face appears and he screams--Terrell looks over and the face is gone---Chekov says "It was a face-like a child."---Terrell says, "You're crazy." Chekov says sadly (LOL), "I saw it!"--Terrell says, "this looks like an air-lock.." which continues into "....hey give me a hand."--which is in the final version.

I know nothing of the 'blackface' stunt other than stuff i have read here in this forum.

What I know for fact is that they DID shoot the scene EXACTLY as it appears in the script and it WAS edited into the movie at one point. Whether there were other alternate takes I don't know, but I am happy to know that a version exists as it was scripted because THAT version CAN be featured in a deleted section without any qualms.

When you say were there any visual effects--do you mean in that scene or in the movie in general?

The workprint contains NO visual effect at all other than the re-used TMP footage-none. In fact they used a lot more of the TMP footage in the workprint than in the final feature--they follow the ENT all the way to the Jupiter flyby from TMP in the workprint--I'm glad they didn't use that much TMP footage in the final cut.
And no music at all except stock music owned (I guess) by Paramount taken from what sounds like a really old western!!
It's laugh out loud funny seeing the ENT leaving spacedock to music originally from a 'cattle-drive' scene from some old western.

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