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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

Jusr re-checked my TWOK director's cut copy........

The scene where the other actor appears to have stepped on Besch's line is at exactly 34:18

The exact point where the fight changes from the old to the reshhot footage is 1:09:18---notice the colored tubes are no longer in the corner but closer to where Kirk/David are fighting.

And the brief re-shhot of Kirk's one line in the corridor is at 1:15:52----it's the head-on angle where in all the other shots there is lines cut into the rock running horizontally on the left, native rock in the middle and a vertical pillar on the right.

In the one bit that was re-shot it's all native rock on the left and middle and most tellingly the vertical pillar turns right at a 45 degree angle just before the bottom of the frame.
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