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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Woah... I honestly don't know which one is better. I do like to think that Kirk knew about David. Was Kirk's speech always there, 'cause that makes it seem like he definitely knew. Were ALL the scenes reshot after the fight? Even the KHAN?!

What speech? The speech he gives to Khan before he says, "KHAAAAAN!"

Yes that was in there.

There was one other little change.

When alone with carol he originally said, "Why didn't you tell ME?"

The re-shot a single line where he now says, "I did what you asked--I stayed away, why didn't you tell HIM?"

Watch the scene where Kirk is sitting on the container in the corridor in Regula and look at the pattern of the rock wall behind him---the lines on the wall all run in a certain pattern.

For the single re-shot line--Why didn't you tell HIM?----the pattern on the wall is completely different.

They had obviously quickly grabbed a section of the corridor wall for the little re-shoot and didn't realize the pattern wasn't the same as in the original set-up.

Also if you compare the two versions of the fight---the remaining portion of the 'original version' and the inserted 'new version'---you can clearly see the multi-colored containers in the background of the fight are set up different and the colors are not the same. It was a really quick last minute re-shoot.

One other thing to look for when watching the Director's cut---
When Carol is talking to Chekov after he is controlled by Khan they added in a line where she says, "Genesis is a civillian project under my control!"

But just before she says it, the young black actor playing "Madison"(?) blurts out---"it's a civill...!!" and then stops and looks chagrined.
That line of his is NOT in the script and I think he got so pumped for the take he blurted out HER line.
Besch pauses, shakes her head and then repeats the line.

It's all very awkward but it seems like something that COULD happen in context of the scene.
Watch that scene and see what you think happened.
Whether it was cleverly ad-libbed that way or just happened it seems to work in the scene.

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