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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Actually there was another take where he claimed to have stayed to protect the Enterprise from its erratic, human crew.

Pretty funny, but it ruins the ending.

Check out this page for less of a brief overview of cut footage:

So, was that David line when he was attacking Kirk with a knife in the original scene?
Exactly right! That's the exact point where the two versions of the fight diverge...

In the cut we know, David says, "You..." and they cut out "...dumb bastard, we were still there! We heard their screams all the way to the transporter room!"
They cut out the rest of his outburst and show the fightcontinue. Then......

the re-shoot footage is inserted where Kirk quickly defeats David and walks to carol and says, "Is that david?"

Implying that Kirk knew all along he had a son.

In the original uncut version in the script/workprint David wrestles Kirk to the ground and Caol runs in and after David says, "Stay back--I'm gonna kill him!" Carol replies, "If you do that you'll have killed your father!" And Kirk gets to his feet and says, "Is that true?" she nods yes. Kirk- "Why didn't you tell me?"

Honestly for some reason Butrick and Besch are not good in that version. They are good in most of the other stuff in the movie, but their acting in that one scene is off.

On the other hand, MANY of the original unlooped lines in the workprint are not anywhere near as good as the ones that they looped in later in post.
Koenig's original line readings are poor in many scenes, but decent in the final cut.

They really did wonders in shaping the performances in post-production looping! Especially the 'new' actors Alley, Butrick, Besch.
So I guess if they had kept the original fight scene intact--Meyer could have gotten better line readings in post.
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