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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Let's get something clear here: Kreisberg didn't debunk The Wrap's report; what he did is clarify that Caity Lotz's character isn't going to SUPPLANT Laurel as the Canary. The fact that he specifically mentioned what they did with Deathstroke tells me that they're likely going to do something similar here, either taking a character from the wider DC mythos who's not typically associated with the Black Canary moniker and associating said character with said moniker, or else creating an original character with whom to associate the moniker, and then using this person - as played by Caity Lotz - as part of Laurel's 'hero's journey' from lawyer to costumed superhero.

IOW, Laurel is still going to be the Black Canary at some point, but they're not going to wait to introduce the character.
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