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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Oh, I just assumed you'd know if I'd missed anything.

About the scripts, I must more enjoy having a physical copy to comb through. I own the complete comic collection Cd-rom and yet I'm still collecting Star Trek comic books. By the way, I love the extended version of TMP. I made a point of buying the laserdisc.

I do still have a little bit to add there though. Nimoy originally ad-libbed a really funny line towards the end of the film, just cut for tone purposes.

Was it the follow up to "Out there, thataway."

where Spock replies, "A most logical choice captain."

There was NO WAY Shatner was gonna let anybody else have the last line though!

I had hard copies from 1989 to a few years ago when they got soaked in a hurricane, but by then I knew them by heart. I have printed out many pages from the internet since then, especially from TWOK after I saw the workprint.

All my cellphone ringtones are cut lines from the workprint!!

Khan has one cut line "Plague upon you all!!!!"----
i reserve that one for people I don't like.

And David had a line, "YOU DUMB BASTARD."---which I use for my boss. Hopefully he never calls me when i'm nearby! LOL.
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