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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Thanks for the kind words, Grant. I'm thinking of getting the scripts avaliable through Just curious, what do you think of my completed TMP list. Anything I missed?
There are nice to own BUT---go to Trekcore and read them for free!!!!

Just go to movies and then pick the movie you want and then scroll down and they have all the original uncut scripts there to read for free!!

Facinating read and I'll bet you think most of the cut stuff was worth keeping. When you read it it seems that way, but when you see it as film you can see why they cut most of what they did.
But i must say there are many bits and lines that fill in plot holes and are funny and witty and I think they should have kept.

Now i will silently pray they will include thse scenes on some future home video release before I die of old age.

Oh I just for TMP, that ironically is the movie I least know about the cuts scenes for. But most of what was cut ends up in 1 or more of the 3 versions of the movie....

What I know isn't in any version is......

the security guard zap
Decker/Ilia in engineering at the end
the alternate spacewalk of course
the Nogura scene that was never shot

the special Longer edition threw in so much stuff--good and bad-that it cleared the cutting room floor for the most part.
I think they would have included the security guard zap if it had, had the completed FX!!!
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