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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Thank you grant, I was gonna ask what else was in that workprint.

You got all the larger cuts--all that was left was individual lines cut here and there--which would never get seen in a deleted section because they are just too short--but interesting.
That is the beauty of seeing the workprint--you get to see many tiny differences that you'd never see in a simple 'deleted section'
I'd happily buy any future TWOK release that included either a deleted section or even better the workprint itself (obviously I prefer it in color--LOL)

Other stuff from TVH was Sarek and Chapel in a turbo-lift just before his dramatic entrance.
A brief exchange between Sarek and the Fed Pres after the klingon storms out,
a scene where the surgeon asks "Why hasn't this man been prepped!" (acknowledging the fact Chekov hasn't yet had his head shaved for the brain surgery)

By the way the scene with Sulu's great-grandfather was not shot at all--the child got stage fright and just as Nimoy had calmed him down his nutty stage-mother flipped out and started screaming at him and he froze up completely (from Takei's autobiography)

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Maybe someone can either confirm or correct my memory of Star Trek 6 TVH. When they are at the court proceeding and Worf is defending them, I distinctly remember when it was shown in the theater a scene after it almost over where Bones asked Worf "When is it our turn?" and Worf tells him something like, "It happen already, that both sides go at the same time." Yet I have never seen this scene on any home release.
That scene was in the script, the novel and perhaps the comic(?), but it was never in any version that was shown in theaters to the best of my knowledge.
I never read the script, novel or the comic. However I feel like I know I have seen it. You know what I mean, I wouldn't swear to it but it feels like a fact to me.
I know what you mean and i wish it WAS floating out there because we'd be more likely to see it if it had appeared in SOME version of the movie as opposed to being set aside at the initial editing phase.

A few more bits from TWOK that I did NOT see in the workprint............

These must have been very early cuts because I HAVE seen stills of these scenes...........

McCoy working on Chekov's ear as Ent heads towards the nebula--David is told to stay put.
A bookend scene a couple of pages later where Chekov wakes up and demands to go to the bridge--David sneaks out of sickbay during this bit.

Originally part of the "I chase him round the moons of Nibia.." scene was an earlier portion where Khan intergates Chekov on Genesis and gloats how Reliant is similar to Ent which Kirk let him study up on all those years ago. (This scene in it's complete form was originally much earlier in the movie and they probably cut it when they moved the latter portion to later in the movie.

And stuff I didn't see in the workprint because the workprint at UCLA abruptly ends when Spock leaves to sacrifice himself.....

The 'baby and the bomb' reprise of the baby as Genesis comes to life.

Saavik saying over the intercom how beautiful Genesis is just as Spock dies (birth and death at the same time thing they were going for)

An prologue and an epilogue to the funeral scene.

More nice dialogue between David/Kirk in the cabin. When Kirk says, "I should be on the bridge." David stands up to him and says, "Are you running away from me?" Kirk replies, "I suppose I was."

For those who are good a lip reading----they took David's "are you running" line and looped over it "can I talk to you" or something. But turn down the volume and read his lips he DOES say, "Are you running away from me?"
They simply looped over it and cut Kirk's reply out.

Meyer went to war and thank god won---when the studio wanted the ENTIRE Kirk/David scene cut!!!

He later said it was Butrick's best scene in the movie.

And lastly the bridge finale' scene, a tiny edited portion of which can be seen on the youtube clip with a portion of the 'Romulan heritage' clip.

They looped over some of the dialogue in the bridge finale' clip to have Kirk say 'David Marcus' instead of 'my son' because of course they wanted to keep that secret till the movie came out.

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