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Re: Batman: The Movie

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What did this kit do for you?!

I wish the series would come to DVD already. I've been so tempted to buy the bootlegs at cons but I want an official release in all the show's glory. Heck I even remember watching it as a kid! (Reruns in the 1980s.)
I don't remember how much it cost. Might have been 99 cents, might have been $1.99, but it was 1966 so it couldn't have been much more than that. Gas was about 25 cents a gallon and gas wars were prevalent.

All I remember for sure is that it was a Batman kit and I had to have it.

EDIT: I didn't know what Batman was in 1966. I had been a Superman freak until then, and when I saw the first promos for Batman I didn't know what it was. I remember the sign that said Gotham City or whatever, and to me it looked like a grave marker. So Batman and a grave marker meant like a vampire or something.

But when I saw the show, it was WOW! ZAP! BOOM! BANG! I was hooked.
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