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I like Helen. She's the nicest person in the house *and* she admits she's trying to play the game. So she brags in the diary room. She's also got a physical compulsion to be sympathetic to everyone.

Ha, I didn't watch Thursday's episode, they changed the MVP to just let America vote? I suppose that's not quite as bad as giving the same person power every week.

As far as seasons go I rank this in the middle. Not as good as seasons 2, 3, 7, or the Dan seasons, but not nearly as bad as seasons 4-6, the writers strike winter season, the Dick season, the clique or the Brigade season. In those seasons I had like two or three people to root for total, in this season I have Howard, Spencer, Helen, Candice, Andy, McCrae and Amanda. I would have liked Nick to stay longer but I'm extremely glad Jeremy is out.
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