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Re: 40 and Over Club Meeting

My american relatives nearly died of shock when they saw golliwogs for sale at the post office as cute gifts to send your friends overseas. Then they saw hand made golliwogs for sale at a crafts store. Then they saw super expensive golliwogs for sale at boutique in a posh city arcade. Everywhere we turned there seemed to be these things that I had never noticed until the american relatives were gaping at them.

I didn't realise how common there were until there was a fuss about a store being asked to remove one by Oprah Winfrey's handlers just before her visit to Australia. Now I see actually notice them and quite a few shops sell them.

One of my friends collects gollies. I collect African-made dolls and my friend can't see the difference between the two.

These are my Ugandan dolls, my Batsiranai dolls from Zimbabwe, and my Little Travellers from South Africa. All my dolls are made by pmothers of children with disabilities or else by women who are affected by HIV.
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