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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

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Thanks Grant. I really would like to see the full cuts of each Star Trek film, cause there's some great stuff they were forced to cut out. Thanks for the TVH lines by the way. Think I will be adding that TUC scene to my list, as it my be the ONLY thing on my list.

Oh no, TUC has the most stuff cut (equal to TSFS & TWOK in that respect)

The briefing was 1/4 to 1/3 longer with lots of nice little bits cut.
After Ent leaves dock there is another scene with Kirk/Valeris where he jabs her again for questioning his orders.
The 'tour scene' mentioned in the transporter where Kirk & co. give Gorkon & co. a tour in the torpedo bay where it is CONFIRMED that Ent IS carrynig equipment for studying gaseous anomalies.

Much longer (perhaps 2x) dinner scen where everybody starts arguing with everybody--lots of lost lines for Nichols, Doohan and Koenig.

MUCH longer trial with a 2nd EARLIER questioning of Kirk and lots of great Chang lines and the earlier mentioned McCoy, "Is it our turn now?" and what must have been a classic Kelley delivery of "WE WERE FRAMED!" after the lead judge asks if they have anything to say.

And lastly a longer intro for Martia, where she admits to being a smuggler--which after her true nature is revealed later she states, "It's why we make such good smuglers!"

After that point there is some cut stuff, but not large chunks.
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