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LOL! That was the biggest brain f*rt I've had in a long time! I was thinking of Elisha Cook Jr and typed 'Wood'---as in Elisha Wood the Hobbitt actor! Oh man-I hope Court-Martial doesn't lose any votes on account of that goof!
Oh I see. I assumed "Wood" was an actor whose name I didn't know. Well, I voted for "Court Martial" anyway.

I forgot about William O'Connell in "Journey to Babel," he was always reliable as a creep in Clint Eastwood movies. John Wheeler was on TV a lot in the '70s and '80s, too. "Babel" seems like a pretty good candidate.
I bet the more informed fans will be thinking' "who is Wood? I don't know any actor Wood."

I really wish "Whom Gods destroy" had 4 guest actors of substance for both the poll and I think having one more 'crazy' inmate with speaking lines would have helped the episode. I wonder if any previous actor/villain could have shown up as an inmate on Elba as a surprise........

Here's a goof the diehards would have liked (at least i would have) have the nutty laughing guy from "Naked Time" sitting in a cell and still be laughing!
"Oh sh!t, the cure worked for everybody but him!! Two years later and he's still laughing."

Then have Garth say, "I have heard enough of you!" and phaser him.

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