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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Wow was that fast paced, and yeah that was basically the teaser act. What we got was incredible though. Young Steve being washed up on the shores of Themiscryra and being discovered, quite conveniently by young Diana, after a "lightning strike" on his parents boat. I think this might have Zeus behind this...Q is definitely homaging Agent Diana Prince right now. The classic bracelet repelling of bullets, the save of Martha! Martha! Director Bones offering her a position within the DEO is genius given her backstory. So far Q has forgotten nothing at all. Clark and Lois floating sleeping...and JORGE is back!!!! Squeeeeeee. He did a lovely job in this issue. Diana is beautiful. Martha looked great IMO. I have no idea what Faust's interest in Martha is right now...other than he possibly would know her connection to Superman. Looks like he has a following of some kind.
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