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Re: Can Mainstream Rock Music Survive

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Over the decade, we have seen Hip Hop and Pop music dominating the music charts. I do listen to current Hip Hop and Pop music and i do like some of them but having grown up both as a kid in the 1980s and as a teenager in the 1990s, i do have a soft spot for Rock music. I would certainly like to see Rock back as a force on the mainstream charts.

The last great period when Rock had a strong presence in the mainstream music charts was in the 80s (glam metal, arena rock) and early 90s to mid 90s (grunge, alternative rock). The early 2000s did see some good rock bands on the mainstream charts like Korn, Saliva, Slipknot, Fuel and Puddle of Mudd.
I think there's a perception bias here. To put it in perspective, Nirvana never had a single that made number one in the Billboard Top 100. Instead of Smells Like Teen Spirit, it was Paula Abdul, Color Me Badd, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (yes Mark Wahlberg had a number one hit before Kurt Cobain), and Mariah Carey.

In the 2000s, Korn, Saliva, Slipknot, Fuel, and Puddle of Mudd never got a hit close (Puddle of Mudd got closest). They're also all terrible (OK, I like Puddle of Mudd because they're damn catchy, but they're still a terrible band). Besides, if we're only going by subjective opinions of good bands, Muse, Of Monsters and Men, Cage the Elephant, Mumford and Sons, Rise Against are all quite good.
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